A guy walks into a bar with a wingnut

His name is Ted, and he’s my friend. STFU. Anyhow, we got to talking about debts and deficits, and I proclaimed loudly, “The fucking deficit doesn’t matter! You didn’t care about it when Bush was president, why should you care about it now?” And I forget what he said in response, but it was surely dumb. I said, “Look at these goddamn roads,” and pointed — the road in front of us, littered with potholes and divots — “You travel all over the world for a living, do you see this shit in Europe?” Ted said nope. “Why aren’t we just saying, ‘Fuck it,’ and fixing this mess?”

Another gentleman chimed in and said something stupid (a plutocrat, through and through), and we got to talking about the capital gains tax, which he whined was a “double tax.” Wah, wah, wah, he said, I’m being taxed twice, wah. I replied, “So what? I get taxed twice, too! Everyone gets taxed a number of different times depending on what they do! I smoke cigarettes, for crying out loud! I get taxed sixty times before I even light up!”

Nah, nah, yo. Decifit, decifit, decifit. Even if they’re socially liberal New England Republicans, these fucks have bought into Teh Decifit line hook, line, and sinker. So, it’s good to read a little truth every once in a while – to wit, economically speaking, now would be a pretty great time to rebuild our shitty country, guys:

Our infrastructure is crumbling, and we know we’ll have to rebuild it in the coming years. Why do it later, when it will cost us more and we very likely won’t have massive unemployment in the construction sector, as opposed to now, when the market will pay us to invest in our infrastructure and we have an unemployment crisis to address?

As Drum, from whom I stole this link, sez:

Some decisions are hard and some decisions are easy. When someone offers you a thousand dollars on the condition that you pay back $900 in seven years, that’s one of the easy ones.

Our long-term borrowing rate is -0.34%. Unemployment is above 9%. Let’s stop pretending we have a deficit problem, please, and start realizing we have an unemployment problem.