Rapper’s Re-write: A Handy Pocket Guide to Foreign Translations of Rap Names

Last Friday, keen-eyed Twit-wit, Andrew Bloch, noticed something slightly askew in his copy of Malaysia’s top-selling English-language periodical, The Star: namely, that America’s third richest hip-hop star, 50 Cent, was only worth RM1.50 in local currency.

An innocent mistake by an over-zealous, under-hip copy editor? Well, yes. Nonetheless, the amusing misappropriation started me thinking. There are plenty of current and latter-day MCs whose pseudonymous handles have the potential for inadvertent cross-border translations. How might those folks be referred to in different parts of the world?

Forthwith, a less-than-comprehensive compendium (offered in graphic form, since tables in this template are some ugly-ass Mofos — see end of post):

Hat tip to Benjy Sarlin.

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(Actual table version available after the jump.)

50 Cent Lima Puluh Peratus (RM1.50) Cincuenta Céntimo (.3784 Euro) Cinquante Cent Fünfzig Cent Kvindek Cendo
Dr. Dre Doktor Dre Médico Dre Docteur Dre Arzt Dre Doktoro Dre
The Game Permainan El Juego Le Jeu Das Spiel La Ludo
Ghostface Killah Pembunuh dengan Muka Hantu Asesino de Cara de Fantasmas Tueur de Visage de Spectre Geistergesichtsmörder Fantomo Vizaĝo Murdinto
Ice Cube Ketulan Ais Cubito de Hielo Cube de Glace Eiswürfel Glacio Kubo
MC Hammer Sarjana Upacara Tukul Maestro de Ceremonias Martillo Maître de Cérémonies Marteau Conférencier-Hammer Kondukanto de l’ Festo Marteli
Method Man Lelaki Kedah Hombre de Método Homme de Méthode Methode-Mann Metodo Viro
Mos Def Sud Ten El Más Def Le Plu sans Dou Am Bes Ja
Notorious B.I.G. Terkenal B.E.S.A.R. G.R.A.N.D.E. de Mala Fama Notoire G.R.A.N.D. Notorisch G.R.O.ß. Fifama G.R.A.N.D.A.
Ol’ Dirty Bastard Bajinga’ Kotor Lama Viej’ Bastardo Sucio Vieu’ Bâtard Sale Alte’ Schmutziger Bastard Malnov’ Malpura Bastardo
Public Enemy Musuh Awam Enemigo Público Ennemi Public Staatsfeind Publika Malamiko
Vanilla Ice Ais Vanila Hielo de Vainilla Glace de Vanille Vanille-Eis Vanilo Glacio